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Harper’s Bazaar Features/Special Projects Director Laura Brown is taking her Aussie wit and candor to the small screen (and by small, we mean really small–like your computer/tablet/phone screen)–and she’s doing it with the help of some seriously A-list stars.

The editor is hosting a new series for YouTube channel Hello Style, called The Look, which will see Brown interviewing everyone from Kim Kardashian to Elmo (seriously) about–you guessed it–fashion. After watching the trailer (which you can see below) we couldn’t wait to see what the series had in store, so we caught up with Brown to get the deets.

Read on to find out what Brown really thought of Kim Kardashian, who her funniest interviewee was and why more and more magazines should be getting into TV.

Fashionista: Tell us a little bit about the show. What can readers and viewers expect?
Laura Brown: My code name for The Look is ‘girls on clothes’. It’s a simple idea: a fun, fashiony conversation with a celebrity, and then some sort of adventure–shopping, makeup, hiking, dancing, you name it. There will be 12 episodes airing from tomorrow through September, and we have such a great lineup–we got singers, American actresses, English lady actresses, an Australian, Kim Kardashian and a “monster” (that is Elmo’s official branding). Oh, and by the way, there are still three episodes to come with some fancy cover ladies.

It looks like you got up to some really fun shenanigans. What interviewee did you laugh the most with and why?
It’s a fight to the death between Ashley Greene, Kim Kardashian, and Elmo. Ashley is hilarious, so dry; but what Kim does to my face is an absolute corker. And Elmo, well he is the king of comedy (such wit, and only three and a half years old).

What was the highlight of filming the show?
Lots of highlights, I can honestly say. “Fashion hiking” in heels with Ashley, Santigold’s dance moves, learning that Michelle Dockery carries around a rabbit called ‘Little Lady Mary’, Kim’s ‘kontouring with a K’,”Kiernan Shipka’s two closets (one for summer, one for winter), Christina Hendricks’s eerie way of looking perfect in hats, Rachel Zoe’s verbiage, Rose Byrne’s everything.

What was it like to interview Elmo?
One of the highlights of my career, I’m not going to lie. I tried to play it straight, but I failed. I did, however, get him to say “Commes des Garcons.”

What was Kim Kardashian like on set? What can we expect from her interview?
Kim is funnier than you’d think–and she’s so well-trained from having her own reality show that she just springs into action. We shot the whole thing in 30 minutes. (It took about the same to fix my face after!).

What do you think viewers will enjoy most about the show?
I hope it’s how natural and unforced it feels – like you’re in the middle of a conversation with us. At the start, my producers freaked out because I didn’t have a script. There is so much packaging on TV these days, I really wanted it to be the reverse of that.

Did you ever get star struck while interviewing some of the celebrities? If so, with whom?
You know, not especially anymore. I had the terrifying realization recently that I’d produced over 80 covers of Bazaar. So one, I’m old, and two, I have worked with some of these ladies a number of times, and some are legitimately friends.

Would you ever get into TV full-time?
I consider this to be a fantastic second job.

Why did you/Bazaar decide to air the show on YouTube only?
It’s the future of television, don’t you know!

Do you think more magazines and editors will get into TV series like this?
They will if they’re smart.





Magic Mike opens today. Maybe you’ve heard of this male stripper flick starring the gleaming pecs and chiseled abs of Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello that every media outlet–us included–can’t get enough of? And, maybe, you are, like us, unabashedly excited to go see it, ASAP?

Hopefully you are. Because to whet your whistle, we’ve rounded up fashion’s own ‘Magic Mikes’–the nearly naked male models strutting the runways right now in Paris. And while the Paris men’s shows are only halfway done, these specimens of male perfection have already graced the runways of London and Milan, oftentimes wearing very little. The beginning of Versace’s spring show and maybe all of Frankie Morello’s are essentially strip-club ready. Have a look. Happy Friday and you’re welcome.

Photos: Imaxtree


Summer is here! Well, basically.

Even though the season won’t officially change until June 20, the weather–and our desire to have a drink outside right now–is telling us that summer is already well underway. And we couldn’t be happier.

Obviously, the first order of business whenever summer rolls around, is making sure you have your new favorite go-to swimsuit on hand. Shopping for bathing suit isn’t always easy–or fun–which is why we’ve gone ahead and done most of the heavy lifting for you.

Click through to see the top swimsuit trends this season. We guarantee you’ll find a suit that’ll (ha) suit you.


Designer nail polish collaborations are nothing new, and despite Cathy Horyn declaring at the end of 2011 that they were boring, they don’t seem to be slowing down yet. And we’re totally fine with that. During our various visits backstage (and stalking our beauty friends on Twitter) this season, we learned about a few exciting new collabs.


From Alexander Wang to Betsey Johnson, some cool new nail sets will hit stores this August. And there’s even one beloved designer making his first foray into color cosmetics. Intrigued?

Click through for all the scoop on which designers will be gracing your digits this coming fall.

Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen: This is the second season Wang is collaborating with the drugstore brand on a polish line. While his spring collection for Sally Hansen is dark and broody, his fall 2012 trio is neutral and…pretty! The colors–which Wang named himself–are Bandage (the rather distastefully-named nude that he used on the runway this season), and Ion (creamy lavender) and Pumice (creamy greenish-gray.


Photo: Via Twitter

Peter Som for Zoya: This was a blink-and-you’ll-miss it collab, which is unfortunate, because the colors were great: Katherine (a light pink that takes on a gel-like finish), Audrey (creamy eggplant), and Evvie (creamy eucalyptus). Allure reported that they were on sale on Zoya’s website on Peter Som’s show day only. Here’s hoping they make an encore appearance.

Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen: Sally and Prabal have teamed up for several seasons now, and we love this outing. Three of the four colors (minus the white) were shown on the models at Prabal’s runway show, and they’re downright royal: Onyx, Blue Rose, Gilded Lily and Ivory Skull. We tried a swipe of Gilded Lily and had to control ourselves from stealing the whole bottle.

Betsey Johnson for Sephora by OPI: File this one under “why hasn’t this happened before now,” because Betsey always has the best nail art at her shows. The collection will include 7 separate colors (including one called It’s My Pink which is scented with her Too Too fragrance), a six piece mini nail polish set, tips, and nail art designs. The zany designer said of the collection in a release: “The collection is just how I like it – loud, outrageous, pretty, pinky, and kickass rock and roll.”

Oscar de la Renta: ODLR is collaborationg with…himself this season. While he hinted this past summer that color cosmetics–specifically lips and nails–may be on the way, this is the first evidence we’ve seen. The colors are Larimar, Aubergine, and Red Carnation and we don’t yet have any information about when they’ll be available.

While spring and fall seasons may give us more to to ooh and ahh over, pre-collections often present more of what we actually want to wear. It makes sense, since everyone says the in-between seasons are the most important for retailers. And these designers have succeeded in making things we already want to buy, desperately. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until early summer (“pre-fall” is a bit misnomer) to do so. Click through for what we feel were the 10 most drool-worthy collections so far.


Alexander Wang


This mostly black and white collection was full of what Wang does best. Also: is this mini skirts over dresses and pants becoming a thing? Or was this collection just heavily inspired by the Man Repeller?


Phillip Lim


We love the casual elegance of this collection. From little dresses to casual workwear to printed pantsuits, everything felt cool, relevant and totally wearable.



We have a weakness for Erdem’s floral prints, which he always finds a new way of doing so we know we’ll never get sick of them. We’re also digging the turtlenecks.


Band of Outsiders

This updated Diane Keaton-in-Manhattan–inspired collection is my dream wardrobe. How does Scott Sternberg always manage to get it right?



Who didn’t drool over Karl Lagerfeld’s beautiful pre-fall show? His inspiration was a blend of Paris and Bombai and the result–tweed jackets with Nehru collars, metallic sari-esque evening gowns some to-die-for accessories–was a smash hit.


Jason Wu

The prints, the luxurious fabrics, the embroidery, the classic silhouettes. Wu knows how to make pretty clothes in the most exciting ways.


Helmut Lang


Confession: one of the main reasons we’re including this collection is that it was apparently inspired by spiderwebs spun by spiders on drugs. Yep, that is really a thing. This manifested in amazing motifs woven into sweaters and intricate prints on gorgeous chiffon dresses. Cool, right?


Thakoon Addition


We love the young, playful vibe of Thakoon’s secondary line. How fun are those mixed prints and little dresses? It also doesn’t hurt that it’s more affordable than regular Thakoon.


Theyskens’ Theory


Theyskens’ clothes may be for day-to-day, but with cool elements like shiny silver, combat boots and abstract prints, they’re still packed with drama and a bit of darkness.



Everything in this collection from the frilly dresses to the sleek suiting was too gorgeous for words.

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Vera Wang

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